About the Site:

when you realize that the clock is ticking and you’re somewhere twice as deep, you’ll know the answer.

About the Authors:

Andrei Lim (dreilim) scribbles poems from the depths of wonderland. Drei’s works are heavily inspired by Karol Liver, Edgar Allan Poe, C.S. Lewis and The Mars Volta.
Follow him on Tumblr http://www.iamnotaphotoblog.tumblr.com

Third Nadora (thirdnadora) is passionately naïve, wide-eyed, eager, earnest and good-hearted with the right kind of DNA that makes him worthy of being Ultraman Tiga.

Dane Lorica (elphabaish)

Ann Ong (annie019) –  the moment Ann begins to play with words, she drifts off into a world of her own where she actually believes that everything is made of peanut butter and cheese. She thanks Neil Gaiman for introducing the Sandman and letting her know that Death actually isn’t as bad as she seems.


Pam Amador – a twisted girl from out of nowhere who just appeared in this world like a mushroom. her creations were often based on real life stories whether from her own incredible adventures that goes beyond ordinary or by someone she just heard about. she also writes her own blog: http://chocotoichigo.wordpress.com/


All contents found in this site are from the authors’ cortices unless otherwise noted. Therefore, under the Republic Act No. 8293, or the  Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, they’re copyrighted and belongs to the authors themselves.

TL;DR – NO SOTTO-ING (more like no to procrastinating speech writers. sry.)


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