you’ve always known what was happening
there is no secret in your mind
even now, when the train is leaving
you knew where we would find
the truth in the word “happiness”
that the stars showed you signs of
our destinations that will never cross
not until the end of time

I stared at the evening sky
a choir of lights swimming on a milky sea
tears flood my ever-fatigued eyes
as I remembered what you’ve told me
you said the true heaven lies in the
very depths of this dark galaxy
still I asked you sincerely
we’ll always be together, won’t we?

you stepped into the light where
it was really dark for me
but know I will always remember
this end part of our journey
i know we’ll always be together
your flame will light my nights forever
and sing like bells ringing
a haunting song, a final coda
from here to the edge of the universe
goodbye, my dear Campanella


~ by thirdnadora on September 12, 2017.

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