You held my hand as the buckles in my seat tightened. The sky was dark, the wind was cold.
I was scared but you said “trust me” and promised not to let go.
I heard the engines roll and as my feet slowly rose above the ground, reality sunk in.
I was in the ride you pulled me into.
Higher and higher I felt my chest tighten and louder the crowd screamed.
Then everything happened so fast. The only thing I can recall was the wind blowing my hair as I screamed my life out enjoying every passing minute of the turns and the falls.
When the ride was over I turned to look at you but the seat you once occupied was empty. The momentary feeling of happiness was drained away as fear crept in.
I tried to unbuckle myself but the seatbelt was broken. I was stuck and no matter how loud I cried for help no one could seem to hear me.
Again the engines rolled and I lost my way above the ground. I was in the ride again – in the roller coaster of hell.
My ride is different, and how you may ask? Each inverted turn my seatbelt goes loose and I fall to the ground feeling every bone in my body break. I wake up to find myself in the same seat where I have to go through the ride again.
Over and over again.


~ by annie019 on November 8, 2014.

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