I saved the girl, I killed myself

I saw that girl betrayed her lover,

She kissed another guy and held hands with him

They went into the deepest part of the forest.


She was dragged into the darkness

Her head filled with air,

Before it’s too late

I pulled her out from her sin.


I saved that girl from the ill wind.


She was back on track ~ back on her lover

She was happy and so was I,

We were fine…


Until fragments of memories were put back into one

Yesterday returned and her world fell apart..our world..

She lost her lover and so as mine

She lost her dignity…And also lost mine?


Just when I remembered,

I saved that girl and became a part of me,

We shared the same yesterday,

Darker than black, full of sin

Her lost was my lost, her pain was my pain.


But my soul was refusing, she was never you

And my mind keep on saying, you were not a sinner

My heart was pure, I am not the girl

So i pulled her out,

And killed her with my own hands…


But the truth will never lie,

she was a part of me,

Her lost was my lost, her pain was my pain

Her death was my death…


~ by Theboredwhitebunny on September 4, 2014.

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