Paper Works

It was just a sheet of paper
printed with face/s and number/s,
but it’s valued so much by a lot
and even treated as God by a few…
Sad but it’s true…

It was just a Sheet of paper
but it rules the world like a king
in favor of those who have excess
and forget about those who does not have.
Live like a queen or a pauper,
depends on how much you have…

It was just a SHeet of paper
yet it dictates your happiness
it can bring you deep in despair,
or even make you mad as a hatter.

It was just a SHEet of paper
behold of what it can done!
it can make you greedy as Mammon
even crawl to death to have more
or sell that soul to Diablo to get all.

It was just a SHEEt of paper
yet it can break the strongest bonds,
it can defeat the power of love
and turn a colorful rainbow into a dull mud.

It’s sad,
that a SHEET! of paper
printed with face/s and number/s
can penetrates everyone–
Deeper into their souls
and make it rot until it’s gone…


~ by Theboredwhitebunny on August 1, 2013.

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