I stand beside him while my eyes are glued

On his iridescent smiles

Heart’s blissful coz we’re no longer separated

By four thousand miles

This is probably the most beautiful sunset

I’ve witnessed in this land

Maybe, because the sun rays add warmness

To the tenderness of his hand

Though it’s embarrassing, when I’m with him,

My heart still races

Cos his presence is comparable to happy pills

Given in multiple doses

I stand, realizing that he’s not really here and his

Iridescent smiles already disappeared

Heart’s in pain as I watch our images shattered

By four thousand miles

And this is probably one of the sadder sunsets

I am going to witness in this land

Because these sun rays hurt my eyes while I seek

For the incomparable warmth of his hands

I know it’s embarrassing to admit that

My heart still crushes

Cos his curses and goodbye are like daggers

Moving in and out of my chest

From today, the future will no longer see us together

Maybe those dreams and memories are meant to die

Cos in these four thousand miles there’s no forever

The distance, our differences defined our goodbyes


~ by Daneee on July 5, 2013.

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