Seven dragons, seven sins –


Wicked gapes, impious grins.


One comes out in the fall of night


Where betrayal mounts as souls ignite.


The second lurks as sinner’s sleep – under blankets in souls it creeps


Giving birth to selfish lust, beckoning forth the third from dust


The fourth unlocks deathly hollow, enchanting fools that lean to follow


Rapt by the beauty of pure deception – two souls mark the fifth inception.


It locks them into aching chains as the sixth arises from the flames –


The shackles rip their futile skins but yearning still holds them in


Oh, indeed such tragic end for two sinners to be condemned!


As the seventh breaths its fire – both burn from cruel desire.


Yes seven dragons, seven sins –


With wicked gapes and impious grins


Oh what was done should not have been, if it not for seven sins.







~ by annie019 on June 14, 2013.

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