Scribbled words

scribbling words late at night
dying smiles and falling tears
tick tock! the clock is moving
without stopping
let’s make it quick
before i fall asleep
tick…. tock….

how can you go in some place
that your eyes can’t even reach?
it’s a long, long marathon
and stamina is fading.

when you look at the sea
can you sight the other side?
it’s like the goal in this game
that was at the end of the universe.

i’m running constantly
like the time in this world
oh! i’m losing all the sand
can we flip the clock?
i need more hours…

tick! tock!
it’s tea time already?
oh it is so fast–
good morning just arrived
and now it’s soon to dark,

just like the faces of this people
on the tea party table,
why you’re throwing the sugars?
don’t you like a sweet life?

if words can kill
i bet no one will be here,
their words are simply deadly
i can feel its stab
even if it’s not for me

for someone you adore
your hearts were just one
and for every one around
i can feel the pain you all have.

the world is so heavy
it slows me down to the finish line
which until now i cannot see
miracle is victory

why i envy those who can run fast?
as light as a feather
just like flying with the wind
so easily they can catch up
on the clock that’s on the lead

time is up! time is up!
scribbled words were so many
the sun is setting again
yet i’m still here
still trying to see
the other side of the sea…


~ by Theboredwhitebunny on May 8, 2013.

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