Maudlin 4/3/4 Thoughts

I wanted to assemble my thoughts
about a boy who remained in my heart

for nine years…

He was the calmest ocean in the midst of chaos…
He was too silent that I got scared of proximity;
the kind of nearness that may drown me,
everlastingly, in this lovesickness…
He was a mystery, a secret that only
the screaming voices in my head could reveal…
I waited for him like a child
waiting for the rain to stop falling…
I waited for him cause I wanted to be free
from the endless nostalgias that
detach me from reality…
One day, all reminiscences vanished
but he’s still here, in my head, in my heart…
And I still love him, platonically.

Nine years gone, nine years…
I’ll see you again, someday.


~ by Daneee on April 4, 2013.

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  1. DR 😀

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