.. and she dropped her bags, went up the stairs, and threw herself to bed,

She couldn’t stop the angry voices, yelling in her head.

She screamed and kicked and cried so hard, she begged “please go away”

but the screams grew louder and she knew she couldn’t stay.

She took her life away that night – she never said goodbye,

I wish I could’ve been there to say give life one more try.

.. and as the priest uttered amen, I knew she had to go,

I stood – no words to say – fighting the tears I couldn’t show.

.. and as the casket moved slowly underground,

I left without a word – without a tear –without a sound.

.. and as I walked, drowned in my sorrows, numb from all the pain ..

I knew that I would never see her face again.

.. but as I walked and was welcomed, by the pale moonlight,

somehow I knew that out there, she will be alright.


~ by annie019 on March 30, 2013.

5 Responses to “Moonlight”

  1. Wow, this is incredible Annie, did you write this? If so, I hope that you are finding peace in your tragedy and have a great support system…your writing is beautiful.

    • Hi Fatelouise, yes I wrote this. Thank you, I’m actually learning to let it all go and find peace through acceptance.


    • Hi fatelouise, don’t worry, we have Ann’s back and she’s a strong lady. And we’re helping her get back on her feet. Thanks for the concern!

      • Hi Drei and Thrd, thank you so much for being there. I think writing this had made me realize that I’m ready to acknowledge the loss and not allow this to hinder me from moving forward.

        I truly appreciate all your supports.

  2. hang in there my friend! everything’s gonna be alright! 🙂

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