the voices behind the shadows are calling my name
they’re piercing my senses with their agony
hunting me even in my dreams
no silence even in the places of the deads
they are the souls of the past
the souls that have made suffer, i made suffer~
vengeance is what they shout,
even the angels of heaven are useless
hopeless, i am hopeless
haunted by the invincible cloaks
they are around
like a wind that kisses my cheeks
embraces me with their cold hands
gives me chills, raises my hairs
terrifies~i’m terrified
they are coming back little by little
drowning me with memories that i always reject,
as if they were never mine
i wish they were never mine!
but they won’t stop
even if i knelt down
penetance is not enough
if it cannot remove the scars
forever, they say, i’ll be in jail
the hollows will always be in my tail
for a wicked witch do not deserve
a happy ever after like in fairy tale.


~ by Theboredwhitebunny on March 11, 2013.

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