an impulse

i still recall those yellow days
when we relied on each other’s embrace
you were singing what was needed to say
or is it just what i wanted to hear?
about a field i longed to wander
about a promise that i was wrong to ponder

but beneath the brightest morning light
your languid eyes remained black and white
as if you’re stranded on an endless night
of a day that you would wish to rewrite
i told you that everything will just fade away
that one day, everything will be alright

i tried reaching out when you seem to fall
but it was you i was holding on, all along
the melody of your song, prayer-like rhymes
caught me off balanced, i stumbled
you laughed at me like a little child
if you only knew how deep i was from the surface

eventually you grew back your wings
of silver feathers and radiant white
i was happy to see your eyes blend
at last with an early morning light
the night faded, you regained sight
of the fields you described on the song i liked

to stay with you, i’ll keep on dreaming
that maybe one day i’ll finally see
that green fields that you’ve always told me
so fly across the sky, fly without looking back
i’ll search for those yellow days once again
and maybe someday, once more, i’ll hear you sing

please don’t forget
the fields of promise
you’re so dear, and yet so far
thank you.


~ by thirdnadora on February 14, 2013.

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