Never say Goodbye

on the silent of the night you came by
together with your sweet lullaby
you said you’ll never say goodbye

your piano sings cantabile
as your fingers dance in every keys
and then we kissed

we move closer
without any lines
without boundaries
the moon became one with the sky

forget the limits
we are both sinners
then the fire burns our flesh

the river rush into the sea
going wild like a beast
killing every hiss
and then it calms.

when dream and reality meets
the feelings became a myth
as if it never did exist

the morning comes and you’re gone
like a lucid dream in the night
that only exist when im asleep
and anxious me with memories

though I am in pain i cannot cry
nor curse you to death for you didn’t lie
you did what you said,
you never ‘say’ goodbye.


~ by Theboredwhitebunny on February 9, 2013.

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