forgive me
for i cannot give your wings
you might fly
the world will die
the sun will set
and will never rise

allow me
to keep you in my heart
always within my reach
never out of my sight
coz my life is you
and my soul is within you

if love is selfless
then i’ll break the rule
for my life will be the cost
of not having you at most
for i’d rather disappear
than live each day w/o you near

give me your hands
let me hold you…forever
i promise
to not let you go
for you are all i need
you are mine, isn’t it?

forgive me
for i love you lavishly
letting you go will kill me
but my paradise is enough
to live in happiness
an unending source of grace

beneath my wings
is your sanctuary
no one will harm
there will be no pain
sorrows are not allowed

the feeling is mutual
you can’t deny
your wings are mine
can you fly?
you can’t run
i’m holding you..tight


~ by Theboredwhitebunny on February 7, 2013.

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