And she said turn off the light,
And he kissed her goodnight.
In an endless plight,
Endless inner fight.

She leaned in closer,
closer than ever.
Everything stopped,
He could cherish this forever.

In the purest form,
they blended with the moon.
With fiery vehemence,
Long the coldest monsoon.

Adverse moments, it seemed.
Antagonistic tides, indeed.
A war of hearts and mind,
The answer, when will they find?

Feelings transcending,
beyond human understanding.
Clouded with society’s benchmark,
An affinity that seemed so dark.

If fortuity permits, they ever be.
He promises, never leave she.
For anything might be everything but temporary,
He will try and break, destiny’s sanity.

And he wakes, with the memory inscribed.
And she wakes, to oblivion it consigned.


~ by Drei Lim on February 4, 2013.

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