half moon

clouds covered the soft white light
of the half moon above this winter night
no words can express the happiness that i feel
right now, in this room where we’ll unite

at long last, we are now alone here
in this empty room, our bodies near
with no one to see, no one to hear
no one to witness, there’s nothing to fear

since when i met you for the very first time
i knew in my heart that you’ll be forever mine
i love your eyes, i love your smile
i always love the way you always shine

i always find myself mindlessly watching you
i love how you look at me differently, yes you do
on the past where we never got to know each other well
but look how far we’ve got, anyone can tell

i’ve seen you waver, i’ve even seen you cheat
but the heart of this girl will never fret
because i know in my heart i’m all that you need
even though i think that you always forget

but you look very different tonight
you look worried, you look terrified
are you nervous? your eyes are open wide
‘don’t worry’, i said, ‘everythings gonna be alright’

so tonight, let’s just be together
because tonight, we’ll start our forever
tonight i’ll be laying out the line
of the scene where you’ll always be mine

i touched your face, smooth and cold
i kissed your lips, oh! i’m so bold
you remained silent, you remaind still
as i tell you the words i still haven’t told

i lifted up your stained head closer
and put my lips on your ears as i whisper
‘i love you, always and forever’
‘i love you, we’ll always be together’

i found myself smiling as i stared at you
still looking terrified, you have no clue
you must be so nervous, what can i do?
‘don’t worry because i’ll always be with you’

the clouds gave way to the half moon’s light
the axe’s stains glowed with crimson bright
a severed body sleeps motionless from my right
as, together, we share this very memorable night

‘i love you, always and forever’
‘i love you, we’ll always be together’
‘no matter what happens, i’ll always be with you’
‘and you’ll always be with me, happily ever after’


~ by thirdnadora on February 1, 2013.

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