There is snow spoon.

From the snowy mountain top.
From head to toe, all geared up.
Viewing all that’s within,
treading in ice so thin.

My snowboard’s all prepped up.
Bobbing my head, no one will stop.
Cherishing the landscape knowing
it’ll be a hell of a ride come thawing.

Puffing my chest ready to plunge,
farewell to the summit, I say.
Extreme snowboarding for the win!
Seize the motherfucking day!

With the endorphins rushing in,
I unkowingly roared so loud.
The zenith became peaceful.
The avalanche was so graceful.

I looked back and it was real.
The mountain roared louder.
In a few seconds I knew I was fucked.
I woke up 30-feet under.

Is there anybody out there?


~ by Drei Lim on January 4, 2013.

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