Good Morning

It was a cold, musty dawn. Around 2:00 in the morning.
She was sitting beside me, her warmth, her scent, all affixed into my senses.
Slowly, as my pacer started pacing, faster than the norm. Pounding like a raging thunderstorm
Her hands, as soft as silk, her lips, as sweet as milk
Inching inch by inch, the space in between, almost non-existent, I’m waiting for a dream.

But suddenly, it seemed, the polars of the earth moved
North became south and south became north
The chilling wind, suddenly became
The hottest winter, in midsummer rain

Averting our eyes, it may seem
Deep inside you both knew, that crossing each other’s line of sight is what you deem.

“Hold me” the voice inside me said
“Hey” my external voicebox said
THe night became tense, as we both knew what we want
At the same time, we both think, what if this is not what she wants.

“Oh, what the hell, i’d give it a shot”
“Intoxicated and all, I don’t even care at all”
I’d lean over and do the thing, my innermost desire always call
as the earth orbited the sun six times in the past
it’s my chance to make it, this moment will surely last

And alas, I did, what it is I had to do
And she reciprocated with all of her too
T’was the dawn I’ll never forget
T’was the dawn I don’t regret


~ by Drei Lim on November 3, 2012.

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