me croirez-vous?

oh dear i can never tell you
what is unreal from true
my life’s been a surreal
but everyday it seems so normal.

some time i even cried
because i saw my mother died
but the next day i just smiled
because she’s making a big apple pie.

my father is a sailor
he floats in the air,
my mother told me he’s dead
but he greet me always in my bed.

i met a friend in the wood
he’s in the photograph supposedly
his name i barely can’t remember
my memory is not so good.

he loved my mother’s apple pie
and tell that he always drop by
he visits me every afternoon
and even talk to my father in the late noon

one moment we’re taking photos
the next were looking on my brother’s corpse
i saw him killed my brother
when he tried to abuse this frailty girl

he stabbed his chest so many times
and there were also bloods in my hands
he buried him deep into the ground
and my clothes were full of dirt and mud

i cried on top of my brother’s grave
waiting for father to greet me again
i never scent mother’s apple pie
and never he had dropped by.

and there were ghost who captured me
and locked me in a room so dark i can’t see
they asked me questions i answered honestly
but they never want to believe me

i said my mother is not dead,
my father is a sailor and not a ghost
i didn’t kill my brother
my friend just did the favor!


~ by Theboredwhitebunny on October 19, 2012.

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