Midnight Lullaby

I hear drizzles, hard, along with the heavy wind,

and crickets sound to the cadence of each droplets…

Yesterday, I was unsure how I felt seeing your name

flash on my cellphone screen,

as I rolled in bed with a surprised expression –

was your call, rhythmic to the rain and wind?

Its past midnight, no footsteps should be heard,

Or mother would wake and slay my joy,

Was it true that last night, it was your voice I was hearing?

Or my mind was playing tricks again,

Wait – wasn’t it your time that I was thieving?

The rain thumps harder in the rooftop,

I hear it through my window; the clock ticks with every fall.

Last night it was you laughing,

Wouldn’t you call on my phone again?

I think I woke mother with my noise – did I forget

to click the button “SEND”?

It’s almost past two- am, I heard thunder.

My eyes are starting to close, wait- isn’t that you

tinted in my bedroom wall?

Last night, your voice played like my musical piece…..

It’s the breeze, shuffling the leaves of our garden trees.

Slowly I feel I’m drifting to sleep..

I think its three-am.

wasn’t that the exact time you called me, while I was


The crickets still sing to the melody of each seep,

Its past midnight – mother says “GO TO SLEEP”.


~ by annie019 on October 11, 2012.

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