Chordata reptilia.

I woke up in the sands,
The sun was peeking.
Flooding the coastline
with fingers of sunrays, shining.

Not knowing where I have been,
Not knowing who I’ve been with.
But the memory remains,
The candle is not yet lit.

Searching the woods,
a few steps from the coastline.
Will I ever find you,
I know I will, just believe in time.

Aimlessly, I wander.
Where art thou, I ponder.
The memories are coming back,
I feel the chill, my tender surrender.

It was better suppressed,
I don’t like the feeling.
It was sudden withdrawal,
the absence in my mind was drilling.

The candle has been lit,
it opened my eyes.
It enabled my senses,
it wasn’t all lies.

Adrenaline kicked in,
the sun was setting
it felt like a second,
i turned back, again, it was rising.

It’s as if you’ve been drugged.
Time went on, everything lagged.
Everything skipped a frame.
I think I regret, lighting this flame.

But no regrets, my mind changed in a few.
Polarity tipped, filling my thoughts with you.
It was quite a ride might I say.
I look forward to that special day.

For now this page is bookmarked,
Until the next time we shall write.
Tomorrow is another story to tell,
From me to you, yes, sleep you narcoleptic turtle.


~ by Drei Lim on October 3, 2012.

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