ante meridiem

somewhere into the woodlands
of the wild and the tame
there stood a shadow
of what else remains

of a fools paradise
once a colorful dream
engulfed into the darkness
burned down by screams

of souls of the past
the spirits of the future
awakened to the night
of the land of no light

dusk peered as the sun set
the tower and the sun haven’t met
towering shadows, towering shapes
cloud the land like a darkened drape

memories of the day
got me through the dark
dreams of what may
pulled me out of the trance

this is the only past
one of the many future
run! run through the night
hoping for a morning light

the morning may end
the darkness may last
but light can never behold
while clinging to the past

whilst dreaming until dawn
of an image of a garden
awaken! awaken!
become the light of the barren
woodlands of the forsaken!


~ by thirdnadora on September 30, 2012.

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