That clickety-clack, the keyboard makes.
Oh so sweet, to my tinnitus emanates.
Click-clack, with every stroke,
Shut the fuck up, do you think it’s a joke.

The calmness it brings,
oh what joy, the keyboard sings.
Unsober and wandering
Makes me feel like I’m the king.

With every gulp I feel the man is made,
With every gulp I feel the day is saved.
Open the world with intoxicated thoughts.
Open the world unlocked, Vampires and Goths.

Intoxicated, I feel like I want to hurt somebody,
Intoxicated, the feeling’s unlike any.
The world’s astray, the mind’s away.
The world’s betray, the truth dismay.

Clickity-clack the keyboard says,
Lub-dub, lub-dub fucking onomatopoeia slays.
Slash slash, all the fucking world is wrong
Slash slash, shut the fuck up, little voice in my head is wrong.

SHUT THE FUCK UP! I won’t listen to you,
SHUT THE FUCK UP! You’re just a figment too!
Just like the world, that’s ever so fucked up,
Man, when will I ever learn to shut up.


~ by Drei Lim on September 29, 2012.

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