Darkness around as i woke up

Flames of summer in my skin

I’ve been sleeping for so many years

Yet the night is ever lasting

And the heat of the sun is forever burning

Where am i?

Could it be?

Open your eyes wide!

Let there be light

Stand up and run away

This is not where you supposed to be

In the hands of the angels, there i should be

The flames are burning my skin

And the cries of souls are terrifying

My eyes were blinded by darkness

Behold! This is not where i should be

Save me!


But there’s no escape-

7 doors in front of me

Written are words that I don’t even know

Superbia. Avaritia

Luxuria .Invidia

Gula. Ira. Acedia

Where i should go?



A place of trees with fruits forever out of reach

Oh! Extend your arms and climb

Gulp down and swallow

If you can ever follow

The fruits that will give you complacency–

Glutton souls in sorrows

Stay back!


Walking within the flames

of Lustful thoughts and feelings

Moaning i can hear

What a sore in the ears

Yet it attacks, Yes it attacks!

And i can feel…

Repenting of intense desires

in this room i see it clear

Shall i stay for guilt subsides?

I committed the sin

While i am alive



A voice I’ve heard, i’m horrified

‘you wanna run? I’ll give it to you.

Now run at your top speed

Continuously, continuously

Until you die endlessly

These souls have been very lazy

In the world can you see?

My name is Belphegor

i am a Sloth

And i’ll perish you for you are just me.’




My face lay down onto the ground

i cannot move i am bound

is this end?

no it is not

for in this world i should have not

oh lord forgive me for i have sin

“adhaesit pavimento anima mea”

as i pray with the souls

that are ambitious and Greedy.




In this door i never want to be

The souls in gray cloaks frighten me

Like a falcon’s eyes that is to be train

Theirs were sewn shut in wire and pain

‘Thou shall not desire your neighbor’s belonging’

i remember the Lord saying

Walk away!


Walk with stone slabs and bear it on your back

Feel the heavy weight of your pride

The one you can’t swallow while you are still alive

Remember Lucifer who defy God

You are just like him

Even though you deny



And i saw Satan filled with wrath

Uncontrollable madness to the Lord it was

Who punished him back for being so proud,

and he told me fearless with no doubt,

“Are you mad at your lord?

You should have been

For HE judge you wrong

HE brought you here!

In the depths of your heart

You know where you should be

But you saw a different world

Not the one that you have dream

This is not paradise obviously

This is the purgatory

where sinners should be.”





For the sinful souls are coming and calling my name

There’s no escape!

They’re singing the song of death!

There’s no time to pray only to repent.

C’mon sorrowful beings tear me apart

For the deadly sins I’ve committed while I am alive

Shame on me for asking heaven as a prize

I am a mortal sinner, I shall be perish forever

There’s no need to choose in which door I should open

For I will be in each room until all debts is over


~ by Theboredwhitebunny on September 27, 2012.

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