pandora (iii)

iii. not alone

“come to me.. touch me..
come closer.. set me free..”

it’s here, i heard the voice once more
the voice that i’ve vaguely heard before
coming from the central part of this vast
room surrounded by creatures amassed
i straightened up, eyes focused, still trembling
trying to have a better look
of where the voice had been coming
of what the butterflies had been guarding

“can you hear me? you can hear me..
can you see me? come closer.. help me!”

the last two words had shaken me
as if something awaken inside of me
an unknown force drove my numbed feet
to walk towards this threatening uncertainty
i can see it there, i can see it clearly
the curious shape, i can see it was a lady!
curled up, unconcious on the cold floor
made of hard stones and chipped white marble
“i can see you.. i can hear you..”

“come to me.. touch me..
come closer.. set me free..”

it was a few steps to reach the center
but the distance to it felt like forever
eyes straight, determined and willing
to save a stranger i’ve just only seen
i don’t know if what i’m doing is proper
i don’t even know if i could trust her
all i know is that she’s alike
definitely i can feel that she’s alive
amidst the death that corrupted this land
amidst the butterflies with protective brand
that’s enough for me..

“yes.. closer.. a little more..
just a few steps, you’re here in the core..”

the last few steps were the longest
where my heart clearly beat the hardest
i instinctively looked for the butterflies
prepared myself whenever they decides
to attack the tresspasser at their midst
for when they decide that i should not exist

“look out.. look out!”

suddenly my worst fear commenced
the creatures had me condemned
like a dark cloud of swarming bees
the butterflies attacked with all their means
slashing through every inch of my flesh
pain slithers as my blood gushed
i gazed upon the girl for one last time
preparing myself for the judgement of my crime
i was very near, yet still unreachable
i closed my eyes to prepare myself to die
i’ll be one of them.. i’ll not be alone
but what about her? she’ll be on her own?
i’m sorry..

“don’t be..”

<< hopeless, hopeful (ii)


~ by thirdnadora on September 27, 2012.

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