Memento Mori

Gracefully, penetrate my sternum with your soul.
Balletically, strum my ribcage with the rhythm of your heart.
Rhythmically, stab me with the lancet of your gaze.
Elegantly, face me, paralyze me with your embrace.

You strut the hallway with your convalescent thorns.
On your long gown, the undead drops dead.
The macabre ballroom filled by your emanating glow,
The sway of your hips, even the DJ lost his flow.

The night was darker than the darkest eclipse ever,
The wind was freezing than the coldest of winter.
It grows by the day, I’m afraid, this infatuation,
I know you love Jack the Ripper, his obsession.

I scared the rats out of my chest.
As I approach the lady, with the hope to profess.
To my surprise, the answer was ambivalent.
She held my hand, to the crypt we went.

The silence was deafening and the only sound was —
The only sound was the pacer beating,
the blood in our veins flowing,
the wolves howling.

With the hesitations I brought,
I didn’t expect the suppressions of your thought.
Pressing your lips against mine.
Your lips, they taste like the finest wine.

Comatosed with the current events,
I was like a puppet, you were the host.
Good evening, ladies and gents.

As we dance under the moonlit night.
As the cats meow, in their romantic fight.
As our imaginations fill with harmonious delight.
The feeling was so subtle, NOT QUITE.


~ by Drei Lim on September 25, 2012.

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