Dissociative Identity Disorder



This dreamlike stance,

Makes waking up feel like a dreamy illusion.

I am a daughter who smiles charming to my mothers neighbor,

I am a child with sweet innocence.

I have a laughter echoing sweet harmony,

I have a scent of summer’s honeysuckle.

Be captured by my warm embrace and ill hold you captive.



The abyss is as cold as the eyes gazing at me in the mirror.

I am the son of an infamous killer; my hands are stained with his enemies’ blood.

I live in mire.

My sins will be condemned.

The ticking of my clock will soon stop,

as my existence will soon fade.


I am a lover but I am unloved.

I do not own the beat of my heart; I do not own my happiness.

I tied my self to chains that will never unlock,

and lead myself to my own misery.

Love is such an excruciating joy,

creating flames in paradise’s gates.


One minute I hold a cigarette,

Why are my crayons chapped?

One second I can’t move my arms,

My legs are swollen by the tightening chains.

Mother, have you seen my velvet dress?

There’s a death note in my mirror written in pink lipstick!

Father, did you kill my cat?

Why is there blood in my clean sheets?

Mother, why did you chop off my hair?

Mother, who cut my wrist?!

Mother there is shattered glass in my bedroom floor…

Mother I told you someone took away my paint box,





Mother never answers.

Mother can’t hear the voices in my head.

It was you who killed Joey,

It was you who slit your wrist.

It was you who broke all the crayons.

It was you who chained your arms and legs.

All the voices tell me it was me.

All the voices tell me they are me.


~ by annie019 on September 25, 2012.

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