pandora (i)

i. of silvers and butterflies

barren land, dimmed morning sky
fluttering wings of deceased butterflies
the stench of death filled the chilly air
floating entities that lived only in my nightmare
mountains black, volcanic glow
revelation begun, sit back, enjoy the show

i’ve been dreaming, no, i’ve woke
amidst a fog of cool silver smoke
surrounded by creatures i’ve never seen
reminded me of a movie i’ve never been
able to watch as a cowardly child
now i cower in fear, out of my mind
what happened here is all i need
answered as i watch them slowly feed
corpses of creatures lying on the street
creatures that only lived only on my sleep

empty souls filled the streets
ghosts disguised behind masking sheets
of white silk and silver smoke
setting cold prints as they swiftly float
leaving sounds of mournful weep
of the body they’re once able to keep

slowly i rose, shaking, i’m not sure
but certainly i need to move away from the floor
my heart wildly thumps, my body shivers
trying to avoid the gaze of these ghostly silvers
i run away, quietly, i don’t know where to go
but my instincts told me that i should follow
the flying corpses of deceased butterflies
heading somewhere, i really do hope,
heading somewhere, where i could hide

keeping a pace, i looked around
jogging fast, without making a sound
the streets looks the same as it should be
except the only thing alive must be only me
what happened? i still do not know
is this all true? i don’t really want to know
but all i see is death and decay
to the city, for years, i’ve always stayed
it’s the usual morning, except it’s dark
no children laughing, playing on the park
there’s no leaves on trees, no water on rivers
there’s bodies on the streets,
there’s blood on the sewers
it’s the usual morning in metropolis
it’s the usual morning in hell


hopeless, hopeful (ii) >>


~ by thirdnadora on September 24, 2012.

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