The contemplation of a lifetime.
Hanging in the balance, having zero lifeline.
The million dollar question of is there something beyond.
One way to find out, but there’s no coming back,
Forever you’re gone.

Will everything cease to exist
If everything you ever thought of,
matters not to the deceased.

The curiosity of a restless, playful thought.
Together again, in which myself untaught.
What sense does it bring,
Knowing everything versus nothing.

Innocence is the euphoria I’m looking for.
But one can’t unlearn the meaning of a metaphor.
Corrupted the mind or not, knowledge is such a cull
In a sense that not everyone’s as dull.

But let me sip another one before I contemplate once more.
What is everything, what is there to live for?
Nothing is ever slowing down.
One push to the river, let your mind drown.

The contemplation of a lifetime is such an astounding choice
You can be there for a moment, the next you don’t have a voice.
What is there after the impact.
Life flashing, will your consciousness be in tact?

What’s the purpose of inhibition when it’s your deepest desire.
Nothing to blame but yourself, quick, aim. fire.


~ by Drei Lim on September 22, 2012.

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