[Dragonfly- Spongecola]

She never anticipated his coming. She locked herself in a dark arctic where she refused to let even a fleck of light enter her abode. The casements were shut, the doors were locked – her space was impossible to penetrate.

“I’ve seen you blow right by my window, flew away and I was left inside, without a clue”.

          But before he even knocked to ask if he could enter, surprisingly, the door was open. Reluctantly he entered the illicit threshold and found that the shadows she lived in were dire, and the silence that echoed was an unexplainable torture. He wanted to light up her sanctuary to prove that hope still existed despite the piercing dusk that she had always resided in.

“I went ahead without direction, a form of semi-self-mutilation, dragonfly collides with truth”.

          However, though her liberator had daringly shattered the barricades she built, invisible chains still held her stagnant in the same position. She refused to be hoarded – she refused to be saved. To her, he was just like all the other soldiers with the same attempt to break the shackles that have imprisoned her thinking that breakage is the remedy for the hundred-year curse. And eventually, like all the other seemingly valiant soldiers, she anticipated that he would experience the same defeat. He would fall short and surrender.

“Why can’t you see me like I see you
Can’t you feel me like I feel you
Can’t you be with me tonight?”



            True, as expected, he was defeated. He was overwhelmed by the girl’s self-created fiends that taunted him, and the imperceptible manacles that he had no idea how to break. On the brink of misery, he had no option but to relinquish his desire to save her – but he didn’t make that choice. The cursed parapet’s of her sanctuary was about to subside to oblivion but he was certain that if he couldn’t set her free then he too wouldn’t release himself.

“Free your mind, don’t let me down, we’ll find a way to make it go away”.

No one heard their cry of agony as they were both crushed by the crumbling edifice. He acted upon his word that, if he was unable to rescue her, he would perish with her – and they both departed with him holding her hands, now, liberated from inferno’s chains.

“We’ll find a way to make it go away – I’ll make it go away”.



~ by annie019 on September 22, 2012.

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