Persona Cieca

knock knock..

who are you?

not important i have gun and its loaded.

O_o. …..ok sit down. what do you need.

a listener.

…. err… ok… i’ll hear ya.

I’m the dude who doesn’t hold grudges.
I’m the dude who doesn’t count graces.
Why the hell are they doing this to me?
Do you have an answer to my soliloquy?

I think you think I’m crazy.
I think you think I’m schizophrenic.
But what the fuck is wrong with people
This is something serious, hell it’s chronic.

You know when they say
What goes around comes around.
But sometimes bullets hit you.
and *BAM!* there you are, lifeless on the ground.

Karma as they say is something
something that gets you for what you did
But what if karma was wrong.
You got shot for another’s deed.

People can sometimes be blind you know
Everything you do, you do it for them, but no.
They don’t see what you do. THEY ARE BLIND!
Everything you didn’t do. That’s what they mind.

I know little things are hard to appreciate.
But hey I’m doing everything I could, why the hate?
I know it’s hard for you and me to find time.
Hear me out, err… wait, I don’t have a rhyme.

So I feel sorry for humanity
For they didn’t know what they have done.
I sure hope they’d open their eyes.
For sure my hatred will POOF, now it’s gone.

……. is that all?


so…… what now.


(lead in his head)

drops dead.



~ by Drei Lim on September 20, 2012.

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