Eyes – as penetrating as my favorite razor

piercing my extraneous surface to the core

Glare at me until my last respiration

watch me as I choke with this fixation

Your hair – darker than the dismal evenfall

shining like the lights reflecting in this hall

Run to me as I cling to the antiquated ceiling

Join me in death to muffle my aeonian yearning

I can envision your smiles coloring the corners

hollowing your cheeks like my burial chamber

Your teeth endearingly flash like the edge of a knife

Stabbing me gently until death supervenes upon life

Your voice I can hear when there is absence of sound

Hypnotizing whispers enervate me to the frosty ground

Laments you composed I overhear in this lightless room

as I cover my eyes to escape the approaching doom

I want to embrace a piece of you to obtain consolation –

’till the warmth of our anatomies switch to my prompt demolition

Nocturne playing with the flutterings of wings of the fierce ravens

You’re the Grim Reaper who visits me when the clock strikes 3:11

Your presence is colder than my fresh perfectly paved cadaver

lying peacefully, fitted into my casket’s tetrad warmed corners

Forever I shall follow the trails you left – and you cannot hide

Forthwith you’re my fatal addiction next to my fave comfort – suicide


~ by Daneee on September 18, 2012.

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