come with me on a rollercoaster ride
come with me, from the highest peak we’ll glide
down to the ground, straight from the heavens
as we crash down, our bodies will be molten

ablaze in the red flames my dear
let the embers burn all of our fears
for these bodies we once put high up above
are just worthless vessels of our eternal love

a love that’s undefinable in a mortal sense
a love that’s blurry in the sharpest lense
shattered to pieces, yet we still dance
by the earthly laws, heavenly romance

the smell of steel, the scent of death
enveloped the unbreakable oath that we’ve set
our souls may die, but never will our hearts
death will never be able to do us apart

death is but a transition, a transcendence
it only limits the living, not the essence
even the reaper himself can never be grim enough
for a love that will trudge, even the roughest of the rough

so smile for me, smile my princess
don’t waver in pain, it will come to pass
because eternity holds a glorious promise
of forever with you, forever at last

for what lies beyond, we do not know
keep your smiles, they’re rare at the death row
six-feet under, an affection everafter
sleep well my dear, it gets formidable hereafter


~ by dazedclockwork on September 18, 2012.

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