night’s end

cower if you hear the music of the hymn
of death, embraced by an ominous rhythm
she’ll come, oh yes she’ll come knocking
hide inside, quick! leave no opening
for soon she will surely find you
soon she will definitely take you
she will bring you nothing but regrets

sight will fade, body will wither
your bones will crumble, spines will shiver
but your memory remains, will delve in deeper
of things you should’ve done
of pain you should’ve suffered
of words you should’ve said
of pride you should’ve sundered
because time will not wait
for you to resolve your life
no matter how hard you hold
we’re all prey for her scythe

rejoice! for you’ve always known this path
you’ve been told to die since you were born
live in euphoria, never in fear
live without hate, hold those who were dear
ponder the difference of your demise
and then you’ll be ready when night arrives
as the angel of death sings her song
stand up and dance to the sinister tune
when she comes knocking on your front door
you’ll greet her, bags packed, everything’s set
hold her hand, you wanted no more
for you’ve lived your life, never with regret


~ by thirdnadora on September 14, 2012.

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