We were coloring at the living room that day, I was 3 and you were 5.

Mommy said shed take me away the day after, so we had to say bye bye.

“..yuck! thats my favorite crayon and you’re ruining it!” you screamed as you grabbed
the RED crayola away from my little hands.

” you even chewed on the edges….”

I gave away my usual baby smile and said
“..i’ll buy you a new one. when i come back. pwumis.”

I crossed my heart.

Yeah…. After I come back years from now.

You looked at my huge almond-shaped eyes and saw the tears
stream down my face.
I wasn’t crying because I damaged your crayon, I was crying because that was
probably the last memory we’ve spent together as kids.

..” you’ll always be a crybaby.. when you come back, i’ll let you chew
the edges of my brand new crayons. okay?’re the only one allowed to. ”

… I hugged you and you pretended to be disgusted again, but still, you hugged me back..

Maybe.. ‘coz we both knew, that was our last.

I was 3.. and you were 5..  we couldve known better.

All that mattered to us was being together, coz nothing compared to how

secured it felt, when you had your hands on mine, and I had mine on yours.

As promised boy, I’ll be back.


I was 13, and you were 15. You held my hand when we crossed the streets together.

10 years since weve been drawing circles in the living room flourish.

“.. You still remember the time, you pomised youd let me chew your crayon?” I asked looking into your eyes as I swang our hands.


“.. Still havent grown up?” you answered with one brow raised. Though you tried to stress out the annoyance in your voice, I knew inside you wanted to laugh at that childhood memory.

I gave you a gentle push, bumping my shoulder to yours.

“Stop it”. You sounded annoyed.

Still, I continued, the way I usually did that annoyed you when we were younger.

“.. Youll always be a kid huh ? “


“ .. Yeah.. coz I love the way you treat me like one. No one cares for me, the way you do. “

I gave away my baby smile.

You punched my nose playfully, then returned the same smile at me.

You reached out something from your pocket.

It was a ring.

You gently placed them on my finger, and I saw you wore the same ring as well.

“Well see each other in college.. okay ?“ you softly pinched my cheeks, and stared deeply again, in my almond eyes.


“.. till then, you’d still be the only one allowed  to bite off my new crayolas.” 

My eyes started to water again, then I wrapped my arms around your waist, resting my head on your stomache.

“crybaby”, you teased.


“.. you said I’d always be..”

I closed my eyes, feeling how your fingers ran through my long raven black hair.


Im 17 now… you’re 19.

I wish I never did grow up.

The ring around my finger is gone.

Yours isnt in sight either.

I walk pass you at the halls in school and your eyes arent even on my direction.


It was raining that night. I couldn’t go home, because the thunderstorm scared me and Id be soaking wet if I did. Then I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

It was you handing me an umbrella.

“..Go home, its late..”

I took the umbrella from you, then stared at you in silence. No, no tears ran down my eyes. Because I didn’t want you to see.

You turned your back and showered through the rain. That’s when my tears fell as I clenched the handles of the silver rain proof gear.

Hey” I managed to blurt out.  “I guess.. Your heart is taken now? “

You didn’t turn to look at me, but answered as the rain fell heavier.

“ Yeah.”

My heart was crushed.

..But no one else can bite off the edges of my new crayola.”

In an instant you knew.

Still your back facing me, you opened wide your arms.“ Youll always be a crybaby.”


I walked in the rain towards you, then smiled.

“Yeah…I’ll always be.”


~ by annie019 on September 14, 2012.

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