Truth Pill

Open your eyes, look at me.
I want you to see everything I could be.
From the walls that made me who I am.
From the blood spilled carcasses, yes I am.

I don’t know if you believe everything you have heard about me.
Masochistic rituals, from the long sequels to my soliloquy.
Never have I been so accepted as thy.
When every minute is like a day passing by.

The rush that made me high from the pain.
From the efferent straight to my fucking brain.
Waking up feeling sober all around.
Waking up just to get tipsy in another round.

All the bells and whistles that the unicorn brings.
Make it seem like we’re just another ordinary being.
From the shattered bones of a dove in your possesion,
Brought me to this, in this fucking position.

How ironic is it that I’ve let my guard down to you.
When in fact the reason I have them is for people like you.
I am so sorry for the harshness I may bring.
It’s the outcry of a damaged little being.

Come again and sit next to me.
Pour another shot, I’m still not feeling tipsy.
What is the use of inhibitors if the truth is within them.
Unlock your inner self, maybe just maybe, it is what you’ve always dreamt.


~ by Drei Lim on September 12, 2012.

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