a hazy sight, undetailed hue
but certainly i know it was you
speaking to me as it shouldn’t be
smiling at me, i can see it clearly
hold me closer, make me see
clearer, let your hand hold mine, closer
make me stay, don’t break away
let us share this dance
let me have this trance

once again, once more
say my name, share this sin
warm my lips with your
breath coated with nicotine
stare at me with those languid eyes
surrounded clearly with darkened lines
your hair, darker than black, swayed as you
move your body closer to mine
let me warm your cold body, pale and white

let’s sail this universe, let’s cross this galaxy
let’s fly away together, hands clasped, as we
round in circles endlessly, randomly
move our feet, feel the beat
of the dance that’s only been in my sleep

don’t mind the gazes of curiosity
of faceless strangers encircling the dance floor
i’ve waited for years to have this chance
the chance to dance with you once more
embrace me with your fragrance
never again i’d let you go

time decided a cliched fate
the dim room deserved morning light
the candles slept, ending the night
your hands start to loosen its grip
images flash like a broken tv screen
memories of you, of us, of what it had been
i let out a soundless scream
will you be there when i cross this stream?
waiting for me on paradise where you’d be
it’s paradise. is it paradise?

i still have a long way to go
a rose covered path where there is no
you to walk beside me, alone
i watch the blurry sight of you
vanish all it’s remaining hue
slowly, surely, please smile for me
i want you to be free
i still want you to be happy
wait for me

so long my happiness
thank you for this night
so long my dream
goodbye my love

let’s meet again on the other side


~ by thirdnadora on September 12, 2012.

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