The Chase

Everything became null,
motivation went dull.
Dreams became lull,
Ideas escape my skull.

It seems pointless, it’s what it is.
Repressed ideas, never thought it’ll come to this.
You both tried to suppress, what it is inside.
You both saw, what it is I hide.

I too, tried to supress it.
I too, tried to be free from it.
But the high it brings is beyond,
beyond what any being can respond.

The norms eclipsed, as they judged.
They think it’s inappropriate, HA! Ask Alex DeLarge.
I’m telling you, it’s in another dimension.
I’m telling you, it’s far from imagination.

With every breath, the walls close in.
Reality check, shit, this is not a dream.
Psychedelic photons immediately surround,
This is not bad, my type of battleground.

Surreal as it may seem,
I’m living in one of Lynch’s film.
Point of view of an anecdotal jester,
It ended yesterday, yesterday was forever.

Searching for ideas not yet born,
Until I grow old, tired
weary and torn.

Shifting time sigs, bipolar curiousity.
Shifting focus, eternal lucidity.
Too much for me to bear? I think not.
We’ll get to the bottom of this, I kid you not.


~ by Drei Lim on September 11, 2012.

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