From subconscious thoughts
Inks and Paper
Kinetic movement
Subliminal moments

No, No, No
What is it Really?
No, No, No
Make up your mind, make it easy

Upside down, inside out
Alternate reality
Pain pleases me

No, No, No
You’re not making it easy
No, No, No
It fucking upsets me

Spiraling towards
Unknown entities
What is it that makes it
So hard to see

Cold steel cutting butter
Cold water filling airways
Cold wind drifting
Cold body laying

Down we go to that place
Of never ending Euphoria
A feeling unlike other
Dyslexic Utopia

Sobriety of a Mad Man
Chronicles of a Working Man
Adventures of a Dangerous Woman
Diaries of a Wild Child

Turn off the Lights
Turn on the Plight
Look for the Missing
No, I am not leaving

Trust the place that makes
You Happy
For each of its corner
Knows where you’ve been

The happy place that
everyone dreams of
The Happy place
that shuts you off

Void of Everything
Void of Nothing
Void of Resistance
Void of Acceptance


~ by Drei Lim on September 9, 2012.

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