Untangle me from this chains,
I don’t mind being your slave.
But untangle me from this chains,
I’m not a raven who’ll follow you to your grave.

Along the woods you walk,
follows the shadow.
Every tree stares at you.
Quick! Run! It’s the horseman from sleepy hollow.

As you duck in the bushes
and as you filter out the noises,
the only thing you hear is the opening of mitrals and tricuspids,
tingling sensations, compensating senses.

The fear of the dark and the fear of tomorrow.
Don’t worry my dear, I’m here to cure the sorrow.
But as you can see, i’m not beside you right now.
You just have to trust yourself, you need to figure out how.

And at the perfect moment, you noticed
the headless horseman drawing near.
The horseshoe’s tintinnabulation,
ready yourself, this is not your imagination.

Calmly, you closed your eyes.
Thought of the scenarios that could transpire.
Some of them was as crazy as the gods.
But one of them stood out like a light hitting the rods.

You stood up from the bushes
and immediately the horseman knew,
he turned his body at your direction,
he has the looks of the darkest hue.

You stood there waiting,
You stood there shaking
with your eyes as fierce as ever.
The horseman decided to withdrew his lever

For the horseman knew
what he is facing,
is no ordinary human —
no ordinary being.

Tugging on the opposite direction,
the silhouette of the horseman slowly faded.
Then came along another horseman
in an armor of gold he paraded.

He saw you on your purple dress
torn and shaking, traumatized and jaded.
You hopped on the regal’s horse
hoping he’ll save you from the forest’s roars.

Little did you know, that you were blinded by a fact.
Shining and shimmering, oh boy, it was all an act.
He brought you to his abode, where you saw a hallway of skulls.
And the whole place suddenly became silent, bodies decorated like dolls.

Slowly as you tread, the hallway of the dead
Your grip became tighter
The knight just shook his head.

He then parked the horse just outside the main door.
Chivalry ensues as he held your hand as you get down to the floor.
Not knowing what’s going to happen next,
The man invited you to his kitchen to eat supper.

He said, eat well young lass, for the night is long.
You can’t seem to do anything, running away seems not an option.
As you chew the golden-brown meat, the chilling air seems to get heavy.
It’s as if the stench is packed, with the scream of many.

You closed your eyes after you were sated.
And the man gently covers your face with the mask.
And the clock struck 12, and the bells started to go berserk.
Your heart is pounding, this is the tale of the famed clockwork.

You were hanging from the ceiling.
Your hands tied up, and your feet started flailing.
The man knew how to savor pain, control the feeling.

He gave you a pill, no, he shoved the pill up your throat.
A pill that intensifies what you feel, your scream was like a gracious quote.
A single prick feels like a thousand swords.
A single scream feels like a thousand words.

You have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
You are wide awake, having the ride of your life.

It’s like you’re dying after death.
Having a nightmare after a bad dream.
Committing suicide after he slits your throat.

That feeling like no other.
Oh, how beautiful it is that you feared the thing —
the thing that you thought would kill you.

Never turn your back on a thing that you thought is the worst.
Because eventually, what’s worst degrades to worse.
And you have no idea, what room you’re in.


~ by Drei Lim on September 9, 2012.

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