Black and White

black and white, that’s all there is
in this world where everything’s amiss
no blue skies, water and green fields
just black and white, no one wanted this

black and white, i am here alone
no one cares, not caring at all
for years, everything is too shallow
just black and white, just light and shadow

black and white, stood a pillar of marble
at the midst of this reality, i knowingly stumbled
an obelisk like the colorful world it once resembled
just black and white, now, where did it all go?

i gazed upon the lighter side of the column
like i used to gaze upon the dark side of moon
pointless, i said, there’s nothing but the outline
just black and white, but wait it shuddered

eyes flickered at the heart of the trophy
fixated on my mind’s sinistral entropy
i trembled not in terror, not in anxiety
just black and white, i felt really happy

black and white, that’s all i recognize
but now there’s more in this world of dark and light
something that knows the existence that’s in sight
just black and white, maybe, but it’s all that i have

a voice boomed as i cherished the fear
the trophy tore a mouth, and now wears a jeer
“why are you smiling” asked the curious peer
it was just black and white, “but now you are here”

“it’s not for you” spouted the mouth
“i came from the greatest of the south”
“i’m hungry and you know there’s nothing else here”
“just black and white, i’m here to feed”

black and white, it’s all i know
black and white, i’d give to live ’til the morrow
pain and comfort flowed as the monster swallowed
just black and white, don’t leave me alone

black and white, it’s all gone now
black and white, there’s nothing to lose anyway
i only have the dream to see that colorful wonder
but just black and white, i don’t live to see the day

black and white, no there’s more
black and white, there’s red on the floor
black and white and red and pain
just black


~ by thirdnadora on September 9, 2012.

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