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I don’t think I am still interested in you…

For when he’s near, 

I only want to keep my distance from you.

When he speaks of solace, 

I only want to excise your curses in my head.

And when he smiles,

I can’t imagine shedding another tear or

being alone in the midst of uncertainty

for I am no longer interested in you…


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In the absence of the sun,

We create fire

For it provides light and warmth

In the absence of music,

We sing our hearts out

For it exposes the same feelings

And in my fragmentary absence,

You found her

For we are not comparable,

She seems better.


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Long time ago,

You forced me to bury it.

I tried to refuse for

It was still alive.

I dug until I reached the core

I begged, I prayed

As your eyes told me,

“Go ahead, let it die.”

Sleepless nights,

Lifelike nightmares.

There were days when

It haunted me, scared me.

One day, it stopped reeking

Like cyanogen

Only then I realized that

It already died within me.

Why do you want to

Open its tomb when it is

Already in peace,

Torn to pieces?

“When did you lose it?”

You asked.

“It died the very moment

You decided to love it less.”


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And in my finest effort

To be the best person

I could be

I remained unlovable

There was an unimaginable

Me and thee

That moment, your eyes

Were wide open,

Filled with clarity

But I was dour and blurred,

Too invisible

For you to see

When you said

You do not love me,

I believed with all my might

Because I looked through

Your heart and not

Through your organ of sight

The Crow

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I am a crow,

In your eyes

I can see fear and loathing

But you are my hope,

In my heart

I wish you could see me changing

I would bleed

Make love with frozen water

Color my estranged shadow

Still, you will leave

Coldness shall persist

For I am crow




but from her, i’ve kept my biggest lie

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a girl in white dress
and a lady in black
a friend across a distance
a stranger on the table
she’s the only one i’ve never lied to
but from her, i’ve kept my biggest lie
this too shall pass
but i’ll keep saying goodnight


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You got your smiles back

While the sun shines upon you

I’m here lamenting

Hoping you’d be miserable too

Fuck you

Fuck you

Fuck you



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