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She called herself the moon.
A silver plate hanging above.
She shares her light
In the darkness of the night.

He was the sun.
A huge ball of fire hanging above.
He uncovers the dark sheet of the night
by spreading his ray of lights. Continue reading ‘Eclipse’

I saved the girl, I killed myself

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I saw that girl betrayed her lover,

She kissed another guy and held hands with him

They went into the deepest part of the forest.


She was dragged into the darkness

Her head filled with air,

Before it’s too late

I pulled her out from her sin. Continue reading ‘I saved the girl, I killed myself’


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Have you ever been so numb you had to force yourself to feel?

Have you ever asked yourself if what you felt was real?

Have you ever been so helpless, begging to feel again?

Have you ever felt you were alive, but you don’t remember when?


Have you ever felt so lost in time, you wake up to another day -

Wondering if you were even really there yesterday?

Have you ever wished for time to stop, because you’re too tired to carry on -

You don’t know what’s real or not, you can’t even tell what’s right from wrong.


Have you ever felt like everyday you’re off to fight a war –

And you end up losing everything that made you who you are?

You raise your flag, you shout surrender – but no one hears you cry

You wish you could just throw your armor, get shot and slowly die.


And when you’re at the brink of death, what would you be wishing for?

Would you still fight to be alive, or would you convince yourself no more?



Have you ever felt that every day, you try to run away from death?

Every day he’s chasing you until you’re out of breath?

Have you ever felt so afraid, not knowing when you’d lose your sight –

Not knowing how long you can still hold on before you lose the fight?








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I don’t think I am still interested in you…

For when he’s near, 

I only want to keep my distance from you.

When he speaks of solace, 

I only want to excise your curses in my head.

And when he smiles,

I can’t imagine shedding another tear or

being alone in the midst of uncertainty

for I am no longer interested in you…


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In the absence of the sun,

We create fire

For it provides light and warmth

In the absence of music,

We sing our hearts out

For it exposes the same feelings

And in my fragmentary absence,

You found her

For we are not comparable,

She seems better.


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Long time ago,

You forced me to bury it.

I tried to refuse for

It was still alive.

I dug until I reached the core

I begged, I prayed

As your eyes told me,

“Go ahead, let it die.”

Sleepless nights,

Lifelike nightmares.

There were days when

It haunted me, scared me.

One day, it stopped reeking

Like cyanogen

Only then I realized that

It already died within me.

Why do you want to

Open its tomb when it is

Already in peace,

Torn to pieces?

“When did you lose it?”

You asked.

“It died the very moment

You decided to love it less.”


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And in my finest effort

To be the best person

I could be

I remained unlovable

There was an unimaginable

Me and thee

That moment, your eyes

Were wide open,

Filled with clarity

But I was dour and blurred,

Too invisible

For you to see

When you said

You do not love me,

I believed with all my might

Because I looked through

Your heart and not

Through your organ of sight


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